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Summer has officially settled in and is now in it’s complete glory. With so much of heat and humidity, one needs something to look forward to.

Have you thought of redecorating? Adding a fresh new piece of furniture every season livens up your homes. Try moving your furniture around a bit and resetting the whole room in a different style with your new addition. It’s easier than ever to give your home a fresh makeover with Pan Emirates Home Furnishings.

Pan Emirates makes the summer a lot more bearable with it’s Summer Sale!!! Yes, it’s 30 to 70% off on everything! From complete Bedroom or Living Room sets to Accessories with a summer feel. We have a lot in store for you!

We just made this hot summer a lot more appealing for you! Happy Shopping!

Ready For Eid?

Ramadan Kareem!

Eid is just around the corner and like every year, ladies are all in a panic situation when it comes to getting the homes ready for Eid.

The two most important things that are on top of peoples minds around this time are;

  • We need to do our bit for the society.
  • We need to decorate our homes to welcome our guests.

We know that furniture plays a very important role in decorating your home for Eid. Even if you choose some amazing furniture, how will you manage to get it delivered on time for Eid, without paying a fortune for delivery? what about giving back to the society? Are we choosing the right cause?

We’ve promised you right from the beginning of this year that we will bring the best to you. We have a solution for all your problems. All you have to do is shop with us and we will take care of the rest. No additional costs, promise!!

Can’t believe it? You must!

Allow us to tell you what’s in store. All the shopping that you do from the 20th to 24th of this month will get delivered to your homes in just one day! That too at no additional cost. Our Express Delivery service is available throughout these 5 days, absolutely free!

2Days Delivery_WEB

As a part of the #panemiratesgivesback initiative, 1 % of your purchase amount will go towards the happiness of the special needs kids at Senses, the residential and daycare center for children and adults with special needs.

1% Charity WEB 02

The icing on the cake is our Ramadan Promotion of 30 to 70% off on everything in the store!! We ensure that enjoy guilt free shopping this Eid with Pan Emirates Home Furnishings.

Happy Shopping!!

Pan Emirates Gives Back, Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!

We hope and pray that all of you are in the best of health. The holy month of Ramadan always ignites the spirit of giving.

We’re regular people, we’re privileged to have all our organs and body parts working. But how many times do we think about those who may not be able to speak like we do, those who may find it difficult to walk even a few steps, those have difficulty in differentiating between a banana and an apple? Those kids and adults who find it intimidating to be a part of the regular world, those who need to be loved over and over again, who need to be taken care of, who need shelter.

1% Charity WEB 02

We at Pan Emirates Home Furnishings have taken it upon ourselves to help those who need it the most. This holy month of Ramadan, we’re committed to share 1% of our Total Sale with Senses, Residential and Day Care for Special Needs.

Shop at Pan Emirates to contribute 1% to the happiness of those in need. Your 1 % will add to the smile of these children. Do your bit in these last few days of Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem!

Classic Dinner Settings

It’s amazing how time flies during the month of Ramadan. It seems like yesterday that we were talking about getting your homes ‘Ramadan Ready’. We’re almost half way to Eid. This is the time when dinners with friends, family and acquaintances increase. There is a fear of missing out on some guests, which makes all of us go overboard with iftaars and suhoors at home.

Time to bring out those classic dinner sets. Don’t have one? We got you covered. We intend to inspire you with our best dinnerware in this post. Here are some fabulous dinner settings in our stores, we promise that it’ll be irresistible!

Lets start with a casual dining table. The dinnerware on this table is minimalist and classic. The matte white dining set with a semi-casual dinnerware set adds a very relaxed ambience to the setting.



Another way of turning a casual dining affair into a more formal one is to set the plates in an extremely formal manner. Go all the way with the table mat, the cutlery setting on either side of the plates, the napkins folded to perfection, the plates completely arranged size wise on top of each other. This will automatically change the mood to a proper formal dinner gathering.

021BHX0500009 DELBERT DINING SET 1 (Large)

Lets get down to elaborate settings. A tip to remember in elaborate is; always add a touch of gold or silver into a setting to make it look classic and elaborate. The below setting is a perfect example of a classic dining room set clubbed with an elaborate dinnerware with gold details on the rims. Adding some oomph to the table is the serving set in crystals and gold.


An all time favorite setting is blue and silver. These are the safest colors when opting for a classic or royal look in your homes. Featured below is our dining set in satin blue with dinnerware in porcelain with silver details. Try adding some silver table mats for a wow factor. We’ve added some mirrors on the walls with burnished silver details and a fabulously antique looking chandelier to add the charm.

025ACF8600016 ISABELI DINING SET 1+10 (Large)

We are still running our Ramadan Sale of 30 to 70 % OFF on everything in our stores. Grab your favorites before we run out of stock!!

Happy shopping!

Serve To Impress This Ramadan – The Middle Eastern Essence

Ramadan Kareem to all our Loyal Patrons!!

Ramadan is a month of prayers, of giving and sharing. This is a time when our friends and family come together to pray and to break our fast each day.

Iftaar and Suhoor is a very big deal during Ramadan. The ladies of the house take immense pride in cooking the best dishes from scratch at home. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the food comes out tasting perfect, in spite of the fact that no one can taste it till its time to break your fast. God has his ways for those who trust him.

Since the food is so good, why not add the best of table settings with impressive tableware from the Pan Emirates Stores? Over the years we’ve seen that people love to seek the comfort of traditional settings when it comes to a Ramadan Buffet or even a sit down Iftaar. Traditional or Classic is a no fail formula for ethnic or religious gatherings like Ramadan Iftaars and Suhoors.

What we have in Table and Serve ware is so good that it can even be considered for Ramadan Gifts.



This lovely set of cups with gold details can be perfect for a hot cup of black tea while breaking your fast. It’s essential to include as many liquids in your Iftaar as possible. The gold details in this classic cup set adds a very royal charm to the table setting.


Lets talk about the Middle East and the small nuances that are unmistakably Middle East. If it’s Gold, it’s Middle East. If you see date trees, you think of Middle East. Today we bring you one of our very Middle Eastern tableware collection.


This multi textured tableware is one of our best sellers this season. Classic elements of wood and glass laced with the perfect date tree with gold leaves emphasizes style and elegance. There is a very strong middle eastern flair to this collection.


This is a whole set of serving trays and bowls and jars and other smaller serving accessories. We offer options of buying the items individually based on your requirements. Like we said before, this is one of our best sellers, so grab it before we get sold out on the stock!



The best part is that we have the ongoing Ramadan sale, which makes buying these beautiful pieces of tableware completely irresistible. This is what we call, ‘Serve To Impress’.

Watch out for our next post on more traditional and classic accessories for Ramadan. See you soon…

Happy Shopping!



Ramadan Kareem From Pan Emirates

Ramadan is about finding your spiritual solace. It’s about about keeping your heart, mind and body pure. it is about abstinence, not only in food consumption but also in thinking wrong thoughts and consciously or unconsciously committing a bad deed.This Ramadan, we at Pan Emirates intend to embrace the goodness in everything around us and do our share of good deeds.

Pan Emirates Home Furnishing wish all our patrons Ramadan Kareem. We believe that as a brand, it is our moral responsibility to give back to the society.

1 % of all the sales that we do at our stores in the holy month of Ramadan will go to Senses, an organization which cares for those with special needs be it an adult or children, an organization which offers day care facilities along with permanent residential options for people with special needs.

You can do your bit by shopping with us this month.

We understand the self control, the will power and patience that everyone in this region practice during this auspicious month. But there are times that you may not be within reach of food that you need to break your fast. You can, at any time, walk into any Pan Emirates Home furnishings store and pick up a bottle of water and dates from the counters. You don’t need to be a shopper at our stores to enjoy this facility of free water and dates.

Every weekend, the team of Pan Emirates home Furnishings will be delivering food packets to labor camps across UAE.

We know that there are times when it is almost impossible to leave from work early enough to reach home in time for Iftaar and prayers. Look out for members of Pan at signals closer to Iftaar times handing out the essentials like dates, water, juices etc to break your fast while you are in traffic.

This is our little gesture to make this month as easy on you as possible.


We have our Ramadan Promotion across all our stores which gives you one more reason to shop with us and add your contribution to give back those who need it the most.

Wishing all of you Ramadan Kareem!




Get Your Home Ramadan Ready

Ramadan is a time for purification. This is the time when we purify ourselves and our homes. The Top priority for a Ramadan ready home should be a clutter free and welcoming home.

We tend to invite a lot more friends and family during the holy month of Ramadan as compared to the rest of the year. Breaking your fast with family and friends is a lot more gratifying. With so many of your loved ones and friends visiting you this month, your home needs to look great.


Ethnic print cushions, carpets, rugs, chandeliers and serve ware are somethings that immediately shift the decor theme to Ramadan.

Start with a very welcoming lobby or entrance area. A small side table by the wall with art or mirrors makes for an impressive and welcoming entry area or lounge.


Moving on to the Living Room, an ethnic or classic living room gives a very royal and rich vibe to the space. even by adding an ornate chair, you could compliment the existing decor. It’s no longer about following a single thing. It’s always important to maintain your signature style in any form of decor.


Here the emphasis is on the traditional colors like reds and maroons. addition of a carpet is always a plus, irrespective of the size of the living room.

032HLA1900019 KS SALON SOFA SET 3 (Medium)

The above picture is of a similar living room but with a lot more details on the furniture and textures. The gold edging just increases the richness of the surroundings.

Moving on to the Dining area, which will be a focal point for the evening, another essential that comes to mind for Ramadan decor is the Tea or Kawa set. This is something that comes with intricate designs, sometimes even with Arabic calligraphy and gold or silver details. The juice glasses and serve ware are equally important since the main focus of the evening will be food.


You can also consider getting the buffet serving sets which can be a huge time saving element for the woman of the house. Food can be prepared in advance and will remain hot in these buffet dishes. We have a whole range of buffet dishes with multiple or single dish holders for convenience.


Keep it simple but classic to get the proper Ramadan feel. Since the entire home comes to life in the evening, the lighting is of key essence during this month. Check out the collection of traditional chandeliers and lanterns that we have in store for you.


Here’s a small glimpse of our latest Ramadan collection in our stores. We believe in #bringingthebesttoyou!

We hope this post helps you with getting your homes Ramadan Ready. Happy Shopping and Ramadan Kareem everyone!

Classic Living, Always Stylish

There are trends that change with seasons and there are classics!! Classics are those lines which remain fluid in spite of the changing tides. Even today there are homes which emit an aura of class and royalty with their decor, purely because they chose to stick to the ever green classics. Considering that it is the holy month of Ramadan, classic is the best kind of decor for this month. We have quite a few posts on decor tips for Ramadan lined up for you throughout this month. Keep your eyes peeled to our blog for gorgeous inspirations.

Curvy and ‘Carve’y is what classics are made of. Today we’ll talk of classic living rooms. A few elements that you need to be mindful of when it comes to classic furniture is the inclusion of rich textures and deep colors.

When we say deep, it does not necessarily mean dark, it can be a light beige color but with a depth and intensity. Featured below is a perfect example of a deep color which is not dark. 032NMF5000081_toshona

Tassels and gold go very well with a classic design. Featured here is the Toshona Sofa Set from Pan Emirates. Curvy lines, tufted cushions, tassels, and an intricate rug complete a classic look.

Another very popular look in classics is the blue velvet or blue silk. Blue if teamed with the right shimmer or metallic shade can be a perfect example of classic. This color has the required depth and intensity for a rich and royal feel to your home. Here are two exceptional Blue Living Room Sets which are perfect classics in the right sense.

032HLA2400016 SHOALA SOFA SET W COFFEE TAB (2) (Large)

The Shoala Sofa Set featured above is in deep blue with a dull gold. The carved high backs of the chairs and the sofa adds the intricate balance and off sets the bold and deep blue. The addition of an elaborate chandelier and detailed candle holder finish the rich and royal look of the Living Room.

032HLA1900021 - A CARLA SOFA SET (Large)

Featured above is a Living Room with a Carla Sofa Set in Blue and beige seamlessly paired with chairs in beige with a silk brocade fabric which enhances the richness of the setup. This is a perfect example of a classic and rich look without the necessity of gold or silver. Always remember to add an elaborate chandelier and an intricately designed carpet to your classics to seal the look.

Another regular in classics is the deep red / mahogany / maroon color. This color is usually paired with gold. This has always been a no fail classic color.


The chairs featured above are from Pan Emirates with a color as deep as the chairs. A perfect example of classic in design, fabric, texture and color.

Classic styles and designs have a way of enhancing even the most dull colors and giving them a new lease of life. See below to see how we’ve transformed a grey to a beautiful must have!


In this Ocean Sun Sofa Set at our stores, we’ve ventured into mixing of textures and prints. We have a velvet back mixed with self printed brocade silk, both in grey. We’ve added a tufted style to lock the look. a balanced addition of gold enhances the grey and gives it an intensely royal feel.

Visit our stores for a lot more options in Classic Living rooms!

Get Nautical This Summer

Nautical is one theme that usually does not require a season to sanction its existence. Nautical is a way of life! But yes, If you do want to venture into ‘Nautical’, summer is the perfect time to start.

We love the vibes of freshness that the pops of blue and white bring to this theme. Wood finish in washed or dark plays a very important role in this decor theme.

We’ve chosen some inspirational decor images and a whole lot of nautical themed products from our collection for you to choose from.


Placing model ships and nautical inspired decor pieces will immediately give a nautical feel to an existing space.


Place this model ship either on a book shelf or as a center piece in the Living Room.


This candle holder looks natural in nautical settings. The authentic look comes from 70% of the surface being wood and resembling a tree bark.


Easiest way to infuse a nautical angle to your decor is by using wood as a base for your furniture. Fabrics and textiles in blue and white stripe is the age old fail proof formula for ‘Nautical Decor’.


This piece of decor looks great on shelves or corner tables.


This piece is essentially a bookshelf which can easily be used as creatively as your imagination

nautical 3

Kids rooms can be the best place to add nautical touches to start with. Go for shelves with model boats and sea shells to decorate the space. Once again, wood and objects in wood can be very handy in decorating a kids room. Simply for the fact that in case of a mishap, wood is less likely to hurt the children as compared to glass. Try opting for a boat shaped book shelf to store kids toys and books. Sea inspired art or world maps as a focus wall adds a touch of adventure to the room. Of Course you can do the same in a grownups room as well!!


A piece of art brings any wall to life. We love how fresh this artwork of shells looks at Pan Emirates.

043JXM1900014 copy

This peice is for the dining room. Ideally it is a bottle holder but again, use it to your creative potential! Imagination never has a limit.


We love this candle holder in washed wood. Completes my house and my decor!!

It’s all in the little details. Trying filling Mason Jars with sand and sea shells and placing them around the Living Room. Pan Emirates have a lot of smaller nautical objects that can immediately change the feel of the living space. Go ahead, shop your hearts out! We also have a sale of 30 to 70% off going on everything. Hop on to our website for further details.

Happy Shopping!!

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