Winter Decor Inspirations from Pan Emirates Home Furnishings!

Living in a region where winters are a reason to celebrate, we actually look forward to making our homes look like the ones in movies! all cosy and warm and fuzzy. Here are some inspirations that we love!

Nothing spells Christmas more than a Christmas tree with the cutest little golden and red shimmery baubles. A wreath, fresh or dry, will always be the personal touch in any decor for Christmas.

Reindeer and Santa are two most important people in any decor planning for Christmas. Miniature Santa is very easily available in stores but Reindeer is rare. At Pan Emirates home furnishings though, you need not worry about missing out on any element of Christmas decor!

Some gorgeous baubles in store to match your inspiration…

We hope that this post has helped inspiring you for festive decor.

Happy Holidays people!!

The Most Awaited Clearance Sale Is Here!

We were flooded with requests for more of our clearance sales and extension of the one we had a while back. When we say ‘Bringing the best to you’, we mean it!

The ‘MOST AWAITED CLEARANCE SALE’ of the season is finally here! Yes! You heard it right!


Here’s a sneak peek into the collection available at the clearance sale.

For the bedroom…

For the living rooms…


Dine in style…


These and a lot more ‘Must Haves’ only at the ‘Pan Emirates Warehouse Clearance Sale’

LocationHall 5 and 6 – EXPO CENTER SHARJAH

TimeMorning to Evening

Dates14th to 23rd December 2017

See you there!!

Paint The Nation Happy With Pan Emirates

There are so many ways to show your love for a nation. At Pan Emirates, we believe in coming together and celebrating the spirit of National Day.

We’re starting the celebrations early this year. A lot of fun and games are in store for you as always. To start off with, we have the ‘Queen Of Radio’, Kritika Rawat and Abdullah from Al Rabia FM in our stores on the 24th of November hosting the celebrations of National Day with all you lovely people.

Come and join the fun with your little champs and get a chance to win cash prizes worth AED 6,000 along with a lot of other prizes and goodies.

Lets start with painting the Nation happy. We believe that every child is an artist. We’re here to just encourage and appreciate their talent.


There will be a painting competition for which you need to register on our Facebook Page. All you need to do is send us a picture or art created by your child to enroll him in our competition. This competition is valid for two age groups, 6 to 9 and 10 to 15. 3 winners from each age group stand a chance to win prizes worth AED 1,500, AED 1,000 and AED 500 respectively along with certificates of appreciation. The entries will be accepted only till the 23rd of November so collect get posting on our Facebook page. Send us your child’s artwork to register him or her for this competition. All participants will get a letter of appreciation and goodies.

Adults also have a lot lined up for them at our stores. We will be playing a lot of on the spot games and giving all of you to win some fantastic prizes and gift hampers.

The younger kids can enjoy the evening with our face painting activities and mascots and dance competition too!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! come and celebrate with us at Pan Emirates store, Al Wahada. 24th November from 4:30 PM to 8 PM.

See you soon!


Our Top Pick To Go With Brick Wall Backdrop!

We’re loving the trendy ‘Exposed Brick Wall’ backdrops in homes these days. More and more people are now following the rustic and edgy trend that defines the interior industry.

As important as it is to follow wall trends, it is equally important to match the furniture to this trend. Incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into any interior space from your kitchen to your bedroom. Exposed brick is one of the most common architectural elements in modern apartments in cities like New York. Though it offers tons of character, it can make decorating quite challenging since drilling into brick isn’t the easiest task.

Due to the warm, natural colors, exposed brick can provide high style, rustic accents or a modern, industrial feel.

There is no rule book that says “Hang the Mirrors or hang the huge pictures”. Consider leaning them against your brick wall for a decorative effect that helps ground the room. If you go the mirror route, a nice addition it to place a cabinet or table in front of it to add depth.

Another fantastic way to show off your brick wall is to add a ‘Backless’ Shelf rack or Bookcase. We don’t want to hide the gorgeous warmth and the rustic appeal of that brick wall.

We have some fabulous pieces at the stores that fit right in with the exposed brick concept. You can even shop online here

Happy Shopping!

Online Shopping Made Easy With Pan Emirates Mobile App

A huge hello going out to all our Pan followers and customers! Are we now excited about the change in the weather? Any BBQ’s in the pipeline? Or, outdoor adventures? We at Pan know that you don’t want to spend time in stores or shopping malls anymore, you want to enjoy the great weather outdoors!

Just in time, we have something amazing for you. Now you can shop in the comfort of your home. what we have for you is a fantastic mobile app which will change the way you shop for furniture. This game changing app is based on Augmented Reality.

What does it do?

The App helps you fetch a 3 dimensional preview of your favourite pieces, place them in your real home scenario or setting. You can play with setting a sofa against a wall or a window, anything that appeals to you. You can share the options with family and friends for a second opinion. You don’t need to wait for a family member or a friend to find time to visit the store with you. Just place and share and get those votes in. Decision making is so much easier with this app!!

If this wasn’t exciting enough, here’s more!! Your online shopping is now at 40 to 60% off!!!


All this from the comfort of your home.

We would love to hear from you, share your feedback in the comment section! Happy Shopping! Ooops! Happy Online Shopping!


Dream Bedrooms!

Somewhere in all of us, there is this person who is inspired by films and television. The most awe inspiring places in a movie are the bedrooms!! The whole plush beds with rich classic curtains, drapes from the four posters around the bed, that’s no less than a dream.

One of my top favorite bedroom has to be a dark walled room (Royal Blue / Burgundy / mahogany) with a rich silver bed with velvet sheets, lots of fluffy n dreamy pillows and cushions, a matching bench at the foot of the bed with the same velvet upholstery, a huge dressing table, with ornate carvings and a stylish mirror. Oh well, dreams can now be true with bedrooms from Pan Emirates. They are as rich and plush (if not more) as your dream bedrooms at a super affordable price and great quality.

The Chandelier and carpet add the missing oomph to this already rich bedroom. Lamps on the side tables complete the statement.

This is Middle East. Nothing speak louder than gold! The attention to detail in this particular bedroom set makes it more desirable as a bedroom of your dreams. what makes this entire set appealing is the colors that are from the same family of the color chart. We love how the off white seamlessly blends into gold.

If you are more of a modern or a country chic furniture lover, then here’s something that you will love.

The country style bedrooms that are a hot trend this year are usually in whites or lighter colors. This is one of the most simplistic yet classy looking bedrooms that feature in a lot of dreams.

One more fantastic bedroom that a lot of people love is a transitional bedroom with dark wood bed which is a four poster with sheer white curtains. although the finish of the bedroom furniture isn’t modern with straight lines, this particular bedroom is not heavy in any other aspect apart from the dark wood effect. This is one bedroom which is sure to add a lot of character to your home.

Pan Emirates Home Furnishings believe in #bringingthebesttoyou & we have a lot more bedrooms of your dreams in our stores. Turn your dreams into reality, drop in to our stores to find your dream bedroom. Affordable luxury at your fingertips!

Happy Shopping!


Entertaining This Eid?

We’ve been so busy making furniture and decor for you this Eid that we almost missed out on telling you about it! Do you remember the Eid post that we did a few months back? Here’s the link to the piece on Serving to impress at Eid.

We have some amazing new serve ware at our stores which you could explore. Having sorted the serving bit, lets come to actual furniture that truly impresses when you entertain guests during Eid. And this Eid has a lot more holidays which means a lot more guests coming over. Have you thought about that perfect Accent piece or a brand new sofa set for this Eid?

This gorgeous table can be an accent piece anywhere in your house. It’s a perfect combination of a distressed country base with classic carving and gilding in gold. This will surely get your guests talking.

This is a perfect setting for a typical home in this region. A complete classic with royal colors and elegant curves and the touch of gold for the final finish. You cant get more classic than this!!

If awe inspiring decor is what you are aiming at, then mirrors are always the best option. This gorgeous mirror on our intricate carpet steals the show!

Get your wow factor on with Pan Emirates Home Furnishings this Eid!



Get On The Gilded Train!

The quickest way of adding class and trend to your home is to go gilded. The gilded furniture and decor trend has been raging since 2015 and hasn’t gone out of style yet!!

Gilding has been used to add shine and shimmer to our homes since ancient times. In this craft, fine gold, silver, copper or aluminum leaf or powder is applied to objects. Even though the basic application has remained the same, generations of expert gilders from around the world still have distinct trade secrets regarding the finer techniques.

Gilded decor instantly lifts the style and the oomph level of your home. While gilded objects have always had a place in interiors, large gilded furniture has recently come of age.

Image – Apartment Therapy

Image – Pop sugar

Gilded in decor has been trending for a while now. The level of gilding and the style of gilding depends on the interior style of your home. You can keep it modern with clean angular designs and contemporary pieces and minimalist gilding or go all the way for a classic look and heavy gilding.

We at Pan Emirates love this trend and have a lot of varied collections that can match any decor style that your home may have.

Versatile and transitional mirrors that can be easily used with classic decor or modern decor.

Decor pieces like this can be used anywhere in the home. As space fillers between tiles, as wall arts etc. these also are very versatile and will succumb to your imagination!

We love this partly industrial partly contemporary chandelier which will definitely be a conversation starter!

Shop for a lot more decor to get on the gilded train from Pan Emirates stores!

Happy Shopping!!

50 Shades Of White…

What does the color White mean to you? Does white seem dull and boring to you, or do you treat it as a fresh canvas for a vivid imagination?

White as a color can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication. We’re talking about all shades of white and light colors. These are the coolants in our homes when the unrelenting Summer season is upon us.

Summers are meant to be light and breezy and refreshing. Infusing whites and light colors act as coolants during summers.


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Must Haves From The Summer Sale!!

Have we not always wanted a simpler way to shop at sales? Like how will you know what to buy? What if you miss out on a fab piece and regret later?

We thought about it and have decided to post some fab picks for you which will make it easier for you to pick the best pieces suited to your home and your personality.



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