PAN Emirates To The Rescue For Your Last Minute Eid Shopping

Eid is just around the corner, and lots of guests, gatherings, and parties are on the cards. In case your home isn’t Eid ready and you are looking for easiest option to get that Eid look. We have got you the fantastic news!

PAN Emirates cares about you, and we love serving you the best way possible. #panemiratesgivesback with free super express delivery service to deliver your living furniture items within 24 hours. You buy today and get the furnishings delivered tomorrow. How cool is that?  You don’t need a genie in a bottle when you have us at your service.

Offer valid on Living and dining room furnishings, so you get the Eid essentials in time.
Hurry up as the offer ends on 14th June, don’t miss the last chance. Visit our stores or shop online and avail our awesome super express delivery. Few conditions apply, get to know more here.

Check out our range available at a 30-70% off offer for some Eid inspirations.

Majlis Setups

Aksinya 2-seater sofa – AED 1,595

Ethnic Majlis designs with a funky twist where else would you find it better than the homegrown furniture brand? Cute sofa sets that provide optimum comfort. Preserving the traditional style with a modern touch brings out an eye-catching blend. You can get this look for the corner of the house where you will spend hours just chilling and chatting with family and friends during Eid.


Parador Show Shelf – AED 3,995

Display all your lovely home-decor on a decorative shelf that highlights all your well-assembled accessories. The quickest way to give your home a makeover is to accessorize according to the theme.  Get the Eid decors perfected in your living room and amp-up the ambiance and score praises for yourself.

Floor Lamps


Kiong Floor Lamp – AED 189

Lights bring a much needed festive glow up. Floor lamps are in the trend this season, and we are going by the concept of more the merrier. Calm colors or sparkling glimmer you get everything at PAN Emirates. A right lighting fixture at the right spot can glorify a different angle of your house that you never knew existed. A new look always helps you rediscover your home in a new light. Gather some sparkling memories by enlightening your home this Eid.


Shamira Wall Deco Mirror – AED 35

Add that perfect amount of warmth to orchestrate a flow of sophisticated interior. Mirrors with lovely outlines can be used on a particular wall to create a focal point in the room. Multiply your happiness with mirrors on feature walls and corridors.

Dining Sets

Toner Dining Table – AED 1,995

Hosting guests is an art and the center point for dinner time is a dining table. Whether you want to go classic or modern, you can make a style statement. Have your dining ready for enjoying the Eid festivities.

Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs starting from AED 595

What is better than a personal time for relaxing after all the guests have gone? Nothing! We understand your need for some space from all the chaos around. Comfy lounge chairs where you can snooze or curl up to read a book. Find one that fulfills all your needs here.

Upgrade Your Home With Great Weekly Deals!! Only 2 Days Left!

Shopping is always fun; it’s almost a therapy. Great deals on furnishings are icing on the cake especially when you want to upgrade the look of your home. It’s crucial to give your home a refreshed look every once in a while. If you are also bored with the monotony of your furnishings then now is the time. There’s no better time than the PAN Emirates weekly deals to make your home look classy at a reasonable budget.

Read on to find out what all we have in store for you.

Functional houses are the need of the hour. Less space, more storage – everyone loves this concept. Well-organized houses radiate peace. There is nothing better than a 3-door wardrobe to assemble all your stuff in one place. Get 3-door wardrobes starting from just DHS 350. Come and grab this deal at a reasonable price.

Expressing your love and capturing beautiful memories are two things that make your home feel cozy. One way to bring that warmth is by putting up photo frames. Also, it is important to make a wise choice while choosing anything that will go up your wall. Elegant photo frames make your home look more up class. Get a classy set of photo frames for just DHS 15!

Hosting a tea party is a deal of sophistication. Your house, your furniture and the most important of all the tea set should radiate elegance.  Presentation matters  – now get classy with our great range of tea sets starting from DHS 45.

Dinner parties are the fun nights to remember, so make sure you leave the imprints on everyone’s memory. Making a statement is an art and what else can be a better place than a dinner table. 47 Pieces dinner sets starting from DHS 199 only so that you can amaze your guests with your splendid collection.

Check out our range of dinner sets

Bedrooms should ooze peace and comfort because that is the place where you spend a harmonious time. A bedroom is complete when it comprises of all the necessities, i.e., a comfy bed, side table, mirror, and console. What can be a better deal than a 4 piece bedroom set starting from just 895 DHS?

Comforters are the best companions of sweet and snuggly nights. Allow yourself to dream on and give you sleep that feels like meditation. The perfect level of warmth is achievable with the right comforter.

Dinning is one area that has to suit every need right from aesthetics to functionality. It has to be an eye-catcher and pleasure for the soul. Food should be consumed in an environment that offers pure peace to the mind. Choosing a dining set that fits your needs and budget shouldn’t be hard. Dining sets 1+6 starting from DHS 995 provide you with the freedom to choose from the finest of our selection.

A functional T.V. unit is the best for storing all your entertainment stuff in one place. Aesthetically pleasing and apt storage are two things that make a T.V. unit perfect. Our weekly deals bring you Entertainment units starting from just 525 DHS.

Summers are coming, and it calls for refreshments to keep you hydrated. To save yourself from the hassle of preparing that fine glass of juice each time, get a juice dispenser with metal base. A perfect solution to quench that urgent thirst and the best escape from the heat.

Sofa beds are a perfect solution in the times where you have a sudden guest. Along with offering a dual functionality, sofa beds help you out in unexpected situations. Sofa beds are starting from 750 DHS to give your furnishings a complete look.

Sofa sets that are welcoming and express your elegance are a must. Choosing a sofa set should be done wisely, and at the same time, it shouldn’t be heavy on your pocket. Check out our weekly deals on sofa sets 3+2+1 starting from DHS 2795.


Here’s How You Can Give your home that Ramadan Look

Ramadan is the holy month that evokes all the lovely feelings of kindness, sacrifice, and perseverance. Everyone is in an elevated spirit, and it’s time to purify and cleanse your aura inside out. Soon you will find yourself spending more time inside your house, which is why your home needs that Ramadan vibe. It is crucial to make the house more welcoming for family, friends and yourself. Here are a few tips on how you can make your home Ramadan ready.

Majlis  – The first and foremost necessity is a beautiful traditional seating area. Ramadan is a happy time where the family is more at home and guests are always coming over. A Majlis will help in having a convenient seating area in your home. It is that corner where you can host Iftar parties and have chill tea-times. The easiest way to make a temporary Majlis is to pile it up with colorful floor cushions and place stools.

Check out our floor cushion section to create your favorite Majlis setup

Oil/ Oud burner – It is essential to keep the house smelling fresh and pure during Ramadan. House becomes more inviting with an enchanting aroma. You can go for various fragrances that suit your mood. A huge range of diffusers, candles, fragrance oils and oud are the modern day and traditional options that can make your world smell right at all times.

Check out some amazing aroma diffusers for your taste here.

Prayer Corners – You can make separate prayer areas in your homes that you can adorn with prayer mats, schedule calendars, and Quran holders.

Glassware –  Iftar, and Suhoor are the times when your glassware is an inseparable part. You can take this opportunity to make a statement and showcase your elegance in the times of Ramadan. Go all fancy with food warmer set, so your food stays hot in style.

Check out our cookware sets

Wall arts- Adorning your walls with canvas and pictures is one way to personalize it.  You can put up all the lovely distinguished art that would be the center of attention.

Check out Wall arts collection

Kitchenware – Since you will be preparing a lot of food at home during Ramadan, why not try a new range of kitchen cookware? Also, a way to bring in some ethnicity and tradition in your homes. For example,  Tajine is one ethnic kitchenware; you really can’t complete your kitchen without this cookware. It helps you make food that is well done and smells earthy.

Our Tajine selection to make your food taste motherly

Lights, Glitter and Shimmer  – Lights are the quickest way to bring vibrancy during Ramadan. You can choose from a vast multitude of options -table lamps, candle holders, floor lamps, and chandeliers. An upbeat look is a must for any festivity. Lighting has a huge scope of beautifying the home multifold; it is an area where the concept of more is less applies. Gift your home with lovely radiance this Ramadan.

Lamps that make your house cozy.

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