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In Store for You This Week

Happy Weekend Peeps!

It’s almost Summer. It’s time to give a facelift to your home. Once again, we’ve selected some of the best pieces from our collection to match the upbeat vibes of a new season.

The ‘Deals’ this week have some exclusive pieces just for you, at the most unbelievable prices!

You can’t get better than a plush and comfortable sofa set with a recliner option. A 3+2+1 Sofa Set for just AED 2245.

Can we take a moment to admire this beautiful and luxurious Bedroom Set in White?

White is a color that goes with any existing color scheme in your home. The best part about this set is that it comes with extra storage which stores your bed linens and keeps the bed looking immaculate at all times.


If you want to match the wardrobe in the bedroom with your swanky new Bedroom Set, then now is the time. get this 6 door wardrobe in white for just AED 1,595 and watch the magic of transformation. White bedrooms have always been considered an epitome of luxury.

Add a touch of Retro to your Living Room with this Entertainment unit. A perfect touch of retro in a modern setting.

A 6 Seater Dining Set was never better at AED 1,095. Keep it simple with a pure wood finish and metal rivet details at the back.


Let’s talk about some select pieces that are too tempting to resist.

Just at AED 55 in our Weekly Deals

We absolutely love love love this beverage dispenser with a rack, reminds us of Paris. It’s irresistible at AED 69 in our weekly deals.

Did you know that we stock some of the best cookware sets in our stores? Get this 7 pc cookware set from our weekly deals at just AED 139.

This week we have some new designs in our super snuggleable comforter sets. Just at AED 199.

This and a lot more in store for you this week. Grab you favorites from your nearest Pan Emirates store before we run out of stock!


Happy Shopping!


Deals This Week! It’s Time To Grab Your Favourites.

We believe that ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’.

This very belief motivates us to bring you the best deals, week on week. After all, we have made you a promise of ‘Bringing The Best To You’.

Once again, we have sourced some of our best selling products as a part of our ‘Weekly Deals’

Sofa Sets with great value and optimum comfort is something that every homemaker wants. We’ve sourced two of our top selling sofa sets for you this week at unbelievable prices.

A perfect seating combination of 3+2+1, you wont want to miss this deal at just AED 1,995

If you’re looking for a more minimalist feel, a corner sofa is your ideal piece of furniture. Clean lines with a fabric and wood combination, this grey corner sofa is unmatched at AED 1,995.

One of our quickest selling bedroom set is this one in 4PCS complete with a side table and a dresser. This week, it’s for AED 895 only.

Add your personal touch to the Bedroom set with this 5PC Comforter set at just AED 129.

Ever wanted a fantastic Dinning area but never got around to buying a fabulous dining table just because it was overpriced? We got your back!

A beautiful White table with contrasting dark chairs with white detailing on the edges is just for AED 995. Grab this set before we run out of stock.

Finding that perfect entertainment unit with ample storage and equal display space is extremely difficult. And if you do find one, it’s always on the upper end of your budget. Check out our darkwood Entertainment unit which is just the right amount of covered storage and open display in one single unit. AED 595.

These and a lot more coveted pieces of furniture is at your disposal in our stores. Visit the nearest Pan Emirates store near you to grab your favorite piece.

Happy Shopping!


Juxtaposition of Trending Texture – SS18

Furniture trends today have gone way beyond a set style. It’s no longer about classics or modern or retro. Top designers are now playing with textures to bring out the best look and feel in a particular piece of furniture.

We’re talking about mixing Metal and suede, mixing glass with leather, faux fur with metallics. It’s all about you. There are no rules. We love this trend at Pan Emirates. We have hand picked some of the most gorgeously stylish pieces displaying the best possible juxtaposition combinations, just for you.

These are some of our top pics in tufted glory. Keeping the balance with minimalist tufting and color blocking with textures. A perfect mix of classic and contemporary. Tufting is a classic style which is legendary and never gets old. Gold Metallic in geometrical lines encasing the soft seating and back of the chairs in silk, suede & satin makes these pieces a must have in your home.

Another favourite combination doing the trend rounds these days is geometric Metallics with Glass. All of these are designed to WOW your guests.

We love how prints are carefully chosen to seamlessly work with the metal casing of the blue chair.


For the love of Metal… This chair is perfect for the fans of Metal. More Emphasis is on the geometric patterned metallic casing around the chair.

another chair where the emphasis is on the metallic casing and intricate design is this…

Don’t you just love this?

The Pouffs that we have have been the most popular in the small furniture section. They represent the best of all the styles that we have incorporated in the new collection.

The one style that is fresh from the new collection and has all the ladies coming back to the store is the Faux Fur with Metallics.

You cannot help but fall in love with these!

Which of these are your favourites? We would love to know!

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Happy Shopping!

For The Love of Blue….

Something Old,

Something New

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue

Did we touch a chord somewhere? We all have that one blue piece in everything we own & surprisingly, that blue piece of clothing or furniture eventually becomes one of our favorites.

We get so many patrons visiting our stores always asking if we have something in blue? More often than not, we have seen majority of our customers adding one element of blue to their shopping cart when they walk out of Pan Emirates.

For The Love Of Blue, we have some beautifully crafted pieces that you could add to your home to bring that pop of cool in your decor.

Nothing screams class and elegance better than a tastefully tufted Royal Blue Sofa. Tufted furniture is now trending again and is a must have for every home. This piece is sure to add a touch of royal and ethnic charm to your home.

Looking for a more fun shade of blue? You cant go wrong with these side tables. It’s just the right amount of blue with a geometric pattern to add a touch of modern to your decor.

We are absolutely in love with this gorgeous tube mirror in a beautiful shade of blue.

┬áIf mainstream furniture is not what you’re looking for than these little footstools or Pouffes could be your answer to that one blue element. These pouffes are subtly blue and can blend very well with any existing color scheme.

The best way to add a pop of Blue to your bathroom is this wicker basket in blue which can double up as a Laundry basket too. A touch of English Country side, anyone?


The trend of Mix and Match dining chairs is still as strong as ever. Isn’t it cool that we have just the right blue for your dining table?

If you are a bit unsure about bigger pieces, you could always play it safe with these gorgeous blue cushions in applique prints.

Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram? Keep an eye out for our weekly deals, you never know, you might just get your piece of Blue in one of those deals?

Don’t forget, your VAT is on us this year!


Happy Shopping!

Your Favourite Weekly Deals Are Back

Pan Emirates always strives to offer the best possible prices for an unmatched quality. But we also know the feeling of excitement when we announce the weekly deals and the satisfaction of buying your favorites at discounted prices.

We bring you the most carefully selected pieces from our best sellers every week as a part of the weekly deals.

Here are the ones that you will love this week! We’ve compiled the entire collection of Weekly deals in this short Youtube video.

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Happy Shopping!


Some Brand New Additions To The Deals This Week

Hello there to all you beautiful people!

How has this month been treating you? March has been a very eventful and satisfying month so far at Pan Emirates. A huge ‘Thank You’ going out to all our loyal customers who make us want to celebrate every little occasion with them. We are overwhelmed with the response to our Weekly Deals and it is our endeavor to keep adding our top products to the weekly deals so that buying your favorite piece of furniture or accessory does not mean breaking a bank.

This week, we’ve added a few of our fastest moving products to the Weekly Deals list.


One of our fastest selling wardrobes is this 6 door wood finish wardrobe with simple straight lines. It’s a perfect fit with any style, be it classic or modern. now in stores for just AED 495.

Every house does have that one corner which is perfect for the Corner Sofa. This beige corner sofa offers the flexibility of any neutral furniture where you can add your touch with a throw or some textured cushions. Now available in-store for just AED 795.

Another object of desire is this Bedroom set for AED 1,550 only. This 4 piece bedroom set leaves nothing more to desire.

Visually appealing with a Marble Effect makes this the most sought after shoe rack in our stores, especially when it’s available for just AED 195 only.

The fastest and the easiest way to refresh the look of your dining area is to change the chairs around your dining table. It cannot get better than these brilliant high backed chairs for just AED 95 a piece!

Flying off the shelves faster than we can stock it is this comforter. it’s for AED 59 only!!!! What more can we say?

Check out a lot more items in this video of our weekly deals.

Happy Shopping!

Top Tip to Store Fitted Sheets

We all live in a very fast paced life. Balancing between work and family while trying to keep a decently organized home is usually looked upon at as an uphill task.

Let’s face it, if we don’t have help, organizing the house takes a back seat most of the times. The immediate solution that comes to mind when we are expecting guests is to bundle up the laundry (fresh or stale) and shove it behind the closed doors of your beautiful linen cupboard. Let’s admit it, we’ve all done this many a time in our respective houses.

Today we’re talking about storing our fitted sheets along with their matching pillow covers in our Linen Cupboards. folding a fitted sheet to a perfect square or rectangle is a project on its own. 2 sheets never look the same. and if you are a bit of an OCD, you’re always fretting to make your linen cupboard look neat. What an obsessively neat person would then end up doing is, folding the sheets to the best of their ability and stacking them in pretty laundry baskets. That’s probably the closest that you could come to making your Linen Cupboard look neat and tidy. But, is that what you really want?

Here is a ridiculously simple hack which can be used for your sheet sets, be it fitted sheets or flat sheets or even a quilt cover set.

Step 1

  • Sort all the matching sets in to separate piles so that all the sheets and pillow covers of the same set are in the same pile.
  • Tackle one pile at a time.
  • Fold the fitted sheet first, to the best of your ability, you’ll learn folding it to a perfect rectangle with time, say after sorting your sheets out 3 or 4 times, you will be a pro at it.

Image – pinterest

  • If there is a quilt cover which goes with the set of your fitted sheet, fold that in to a clean rectangle, this is the easy part.
  • Last bit of the pile will be your flat sheet which needs to be folded in a rectangle length wise. See pictures below for reference.

  • Place all the folded linen in the center of the long flat sheet and fold the sheet around the bundle of your folded linen pile and roll the band of flat sheet around your pile like in a gift wrap ribbon.

  • The last and the easiest part is sliding this cosy tucked up pile into the matching pillow cover.

As easy as that. you can stack the pillow cases with their matching sheet sets, tucked safely inside the pillow case, on top of the others and still have a magically tidy looking Linen closet. Your Linen cupboard will never look messy or untidy ever again.

We hope that this tip has been of help.

Follow us for more such easy hacks every week.

P.S Pan Emirates has VAT free shopping for the entire year of 2018, grab your favorite sheet sets and bedding accessories from any of the store near you.

Happy Shopping!


The Trendiest Ashley Sofas At Pan Emirates

For those who haven’t heard this before, Ashley Furniture Industries is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world and Pan Emirates takes great pride in carefully selecting the most trendiest pieces and stocking them for you.

This post is about the sofa sets of Ashley that have gone through various layers of checks and tests so that we could bring them here for you.

We at Pan want to give you the best. The furniture we choose has to always be on trend with great quality and has to come at an irresistible price for you.

The best part about these sofa sets is that they are extremely comfortable, the kinds that you would look forward to sink into. They have a smart and sophisticated style which exemplifies the best in timeless classic styling. The nailhead trim certainly plays up the flow and flair of the rolled arms, which is visible in most of their designs. You could spot an Ashley Sofa anywhere.

We have a fantastic collection waiting for you. Drop by to your nearest Pan Emirates store to explore some of the trendiest and the most comfortable sofas.


Happy Shopping!



Your Favourite Deals This Week!

We’ve worked very hard to source some of the best deals for you this week! For instance, this one sofa set which has a gorgeous and rich colour with an equally luxorious finsh is just for AED 1,995.


This gorgeously rich, dark wood finish Bedroom Set is for just AED 1,250. Complete with a matching dresser and side tables, it’s an absolute ‘Must Buy’.

if you’re looking for a wardrobe that matches your Dark Wood Bedroom Set, here’s the perfect 5 Door Wardrobe just for AED 495.

This weeks deals are mostly about the shades and tones in wood. You can own this all wood Dining Table for just AED 995.

To compliment the luxurious beige sofa set in the Living Room, this Entertainment Unit has a beautiful dual shade in wood that goes perfectly well with it.

Add a little oomph to your Living Room with this Deco Mirror for just AED 229.

Coffee Tables are always the center of attention in any Living area. This coffee table with complimenting textures is a steal at AED 95 only.

Missing that one comfortable chair in your home office? This one is just what you were looking for, Low Back and easy for just AED 95.

How about a little bit of color? Add a pop of Red with these adjustable bar stools in red for just AED 65.


Carry that shade of Red in to the kitchen with this Red Pasta set for AED 25 only.

We would love to hear from you! Keep sending us your requests for deals in the comments.

Happy Shopping!

We Now Have A New Address in Al Ain!

We have a new address in Al Ain!! We’re so excited to be a part of the lives of all you lovely people in the beautiful Al Ain!

The 1st of this month saw us open a brand new outlet at the Remal Mall in Al Ain. this brand new store is just another extension of our personality. it’s an end to end solution for all your furniture needs, be it Classic to Retro to Vintage or Modern & Contemporary.

It’s truly time for the community of Al Ain & Abu Dhabi to rejoice as all our promotions and discounts and our #bringingthebesttoyou attitude will continue here as well.

Spread over 2100 Sq.M, the store is set up with a view to provide high-end collection with unbeatable offers to the local community across Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. A plethora of Classic, Retro and Vintage pieces are abounding at the stores to give the premium class shopping
experience to all the home furnishing and decor lovers. The new branch in Remal Mall marks the second store to open in Al Ain , with the first located near Jabal Roundabout at Baladiya street, Al Ain.

You can now enjoy VAT free shopping at this store as well.

Have you visited our newest store yet? We would love to see you there!

Happy Shopping!!

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