Entertaining This Eid?

We’ve been so busy making furniture and decor for you this Eid that we almost missed out on telling you about it! Do you remember the Eid post that we did a few months back? Here’s the link to the piece on Serving to impress at Eid.

We have some amazing new serve ware at our stores which you could explore. Having sorted the serving bit, lets come to actual furniture that truly impresses when you entertain guests during Eid. And this Eid has a lot more holidays which means a lot more guests coming over. Have you thought about that perfect Accent piece or a brand new sofa set for this Eid?

This gorgeous table can be an accent piece anywhere in your house. It’s a perfect combination of a distressed country base with classic carving and gilding in gold. This will surely get your guests talking.

This is a perfect setting for a typical home in this region. A complete classic with royal colors and elegant curves and the touch of gold for the final finish. You cant get more classic than this!!

If awe inspiring decor is what you are aiming at, then mirrors are always the best option. This gorgeous mirror on our intricate carpet steals the show!

Get your wow factor on with Pan Emirates Home Furnishings this Eid!



Get On The Gilded Train!

The quickest way of adding class and trend to your home is to go gilded. The gilded furniture and decor trend has been raging since 2015 and hasn’t gone out of style yet!!

Gilding has been used to add shine and shimmer to our homes since ancient times. In this craft, fine gold, silver, copper or aluminum leaf or powder is applied to objects. Even though the basic application has remained the same, generations of expert gilders from around the world still have distinct trade secrets regarding the finer techniques.

Gilded decor instantly lifts the style and the oomph level of your home. While gilded objects have always had a place in interiors, large gilded furniture has recently come of age.

Image – Apartment Therapy

Image – Pop sugar

Gilded in decor has been trending for a while now. The level of gilding and the style of gilding depends on the interior style of your home. You can keep it modern with clean angular designs and contemporary pieces and minimalist gilding or go all the way for a classic look and heavy gilding.

We at Pan Emirates love this trend and have a lot of varied collections that can match any decor style that your home may have.

Versatile and transitional mirrors that can be easily used with classic decor or modern decor.

Decor pieces like this can be used anywhere in the home. As space fillers between tiles, as wall arts etc. these also are very versatile and will succumb to your imagination!

We love this partly industrial partly contemporary chandelier which will definitely be a conversation starter!

Shop for a lot more decor to get on the gilded train from Pan Emirates stores!

Happy Shopping!!