Ramadan Kareem to all our Loyal Patrons!!

Ramadan is a month of prayers, of giving and sharing. This is a time when our friends and family come together to pray and to break our fast each day.

Iftaar and Suhoor is a very big deal during Ramadan. The ladies of the house take immense pride in cooking the best dishes from scratch at home. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the food comes out tasting perfect, in spite of the fact that no one can taste it till its time to break your fast. God has his ways for those who trust him.

Since the food is so good, why not add the best of table settings with impressive tableware from the Pan Emirates Stores? Over the years we’ve seen that people love to seek the comfort of traditional settings when it comes to a Ramadan Buffet or even a sit down Iftaar. Traditional or Classic is a no fail formula for ethnic or religious gatherings like Ramadan Iftaars and Suhoors.

What we have in Table and Serve ware is so good that it can even be considered for Ramadan Gifts.



This lovely set of cups with gold details can be perfect for a hot cup of black tea while breaking your fast. It’s essential to include as many liquids in your Iftaar as possible. The gold details in this classic cup set adds a very royal charm to the table setting.


Lets talk about the Middle East and the small nuances that are unmistakably Middle East. If it’s Gold, it’s Middle East. If you see date trees, you think of Middle East. Today we bring you one of our very Middle Eastern tableware collection.


This multi textured tableware is one of our best sellers this season. Classic elements of wood and glass laced with the perfect date tree with gold leaves emphasizes style and elegance. There is a very strong middle eastern flair to this collection.


This is a whole set of serving trays and bowls and jars and other smaller serving accessories. We offer options of buying the items individually based on your requirements. Like we said before, this is one of our best sellers, so grab it before we get sold out on the stock!



The best part is that we have the ongoing Ramadan sale, which makes buying these beautiful pieces of tableware completely irresistible. This is what we call, ‘Serve To Impress’.

Watch out for our next post on more traditional and classic accessories for Ramadan. See you soon…

Happy Shopping!