Ramadan is about finding your spiritual solace. It’s about about keeping your heart, mind and body pure. it is about abstinence, not only in food consumption but also in thinking wrong thoughts and consciously or unconsciously committing a bad deed.This Ramadan, we at Pan Emirates intend to embrace the goodness in everything around us and do our share of good deeds.

Pan Emirates Home Furnishing wish all our patrons Ramadan Kareem. We believe that as a brand, it is our moral responsibility to give back to the society.

1 % of all the sales that we do at our stores in the holy month of Ramadan will go to Senses, an organization which cares for those with special needs be it an adult or children, an organization which offers day care facilities along with permanent residential options for people with special needs.

You can do your bit by shopping with us this month.

We understand the self control, the will power and patience that everyone in this region practice during this auspicious month. But there are times that you may not be within reach of food that you need to break your fast. You can, at any time, walk into any Pan Emirates Home furnishings store and pick up a bottle of water and dates from the counters. You don’t need to be a shopper at our stores to enjoy this facility of free water and dates.

Every weekend, the team of Pan Emirates home Furnishings will be delivering food packets to labor camps across UAE.

We know that there are times when it is almost impossible to leave from work early enough to reach home in time for Iftaar and prayers. Look out for members of Pan at signals closer to Iftaar times handing out the essentials like dates, water, juices etc to break your fast while you are in traffic.

This is our little gesture to make this month as easy on you as possible.


We have our Ramadan Promotion across all our stores which gives you one more reason to shop with us and add your contribution to give back those who need it the most.

Wishing all of you Ramadan Kareem!