Ramadan is a time for purification. This is the time when we purify ourselves and our homes. The Top priority for a Ramadan ready home should be a clutter free and welcoming home.

We tend to invite a lot more friends and family during the holy month of Ramadan as compared to the rest of the year. Breaking your fast with family and friends is a lot more gratifying. With so many of your loved ones and friends visiting you this month, your home needs to look great.


Ethnic print cushions, carpets, rugs, chandeliers and serve ware are somethings that immediately shift the decor theme to Ramadan.

Start with a very welcoming lobby or entrance area. A small side table by the wall with art or mirrors makes for an impressive and welcoming entry area or lounge.


Moving on to the Living Room, an ethnic or classic living room gives a very royal and rich vibe to the space. even by adding an ornate chair, you could compliment the existing decor. It’s no longer about following a single thing. It’s always important to maintain your signature style in any form of decor.


Here the emphasis is on the traditional colors like reds and maroons. addition of a carpet is always a plus, irrespective of the size of the living room.

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The above picture is of a similar living room but with a lot more details on the furniture and textures. The gold edging just increases the richness of the surroundings.

Moving on to the Dining area, which will be a focal point for the evening, another essential that comes to mind for Ramadan decor is the Tea or Kawa set. This is something that comes with intricate designs, sometimes even with Arabic calligraphy and gold or silver details. The juice glasses and serve ware are equally important since the main focus of the evening will be food.


You can also consider getting the buffet serving sets which can be a huge time saving element for the woman of the house. Food can be prepared in advance and will remain hot in these buffet dishes. We have a whole range of buffet dishes with multiple or single dish holders for convenience.


Keep it simple but classic to get the proper Ramadan feel. Since the entire home comes to life in the evening, the lighting is of key essence during this month. Check out the collection of traditional chandeliers and lanterns that we have in store for you.


Here’s a small glimpse of our latest Ramadan collection in our stores. We believe in #bringingthebesttoyou!

We hope this post helps you with getting your homes Ramadan Ready. Happy Shopping and Ramadan Kareem everyone!