There are trends that change with seasons and there are classics!! Classics are those lines which remain fluid in spite of the changing tides. Even today there are homes which emit an aura of class and royalty with their decor, purely because they chose to stick to the ever green classics. Considering that it is the holy month of Ramadan, classic is the best kind of decor for this month. We have quite a few posts on decor tips for Ramadan lined up for you throughout this month. Keep your eyes peeled to our blog for gorgeous inspirations.

Curvy and ‘Carve’y is what classics are made of. Today we’ll talk of classic living rooms. A few elements that you need to be mindful of when it comes to classic furniture is the inclusion of rich textures and deep colors.

When we say deep, it does not necessarily mean dark, it can be a light beige color but with a depth and intensity. Featured below is a perfect example of a deep color which is not dark. 032NMF5000081_toshona

Tassels and gold go very well with a classic design. Featured here is the Toshona Sofa Set from Pan Emirates. Curvy lines, tufted cushions, tassels, and an intricate rug complete a classic look.

Another very popular look in classics is the blue velvet or blue silk. Blue if teamed with the right shimmer or metallic shade can be a perfect example of classic. This color has the required depth and intensity for a rich and royal feel to your home. Here are two exceptional Blue Living Room Sets which are perfect classics in the right sense.

032HLA2400016 SHOALA SOFA SET W COFFEE TAB (2) (Large)

The Shoala Sofa Set featured above is in deep blue with a dull gold. The carved high backs of the chairs and the sofa adds the intricate balance and off sets the bold and deep blue. The addition of an elaborate chandelier and detailed candle holder finish the rich and royal look of the Living Room.

032HLA1900021 - A CARLA SOFA SET (Large)

Featured above is a Living Room with a Carla Sofa Set in Blue and beige seamlessly paired with chairs in beige with a silk brocade fabric which enhances the richness of the setup. This is a perfect example of a classic and rich look without the necessity of gold or silver. Always remember to add an elaborate chandelier and an intricately designed carpet to your classics to seal the look.

Another regular in classics is the deep red / mahogany / maroon color. This color is usually paired with gold. This has always been a no fail classic color.


The chairs featured above are from Pan Emirates with a color as deep as the chairs. A perfect example of classic in design, fabric, texture and color.

Classic styles and designs have a way of enhancing even the most dull colors and giving them a new lease of life. See below to see how we’ve transformed a grey to a beautiful must have!


In this Ocean Sun Sofa Set at our stores, we’ve ventured into mixing of textures and prints. We have a velvet back mixed with self printed brocade silk, both in grey. We’ve added a tufted style to lock the look. a balanced addition of gold enhances the grey and gives it an intensely royal feel.

Visit our stores for a lot more options in Classic Living rooms!