February 2017

Top 5 Tips to Implement Feng Shui In Your Homes

All of us want harmony in our homes. We’re yet to come across a person or family who will opt for decor over peace and harmony. Having said that, we also know that the correct arrangement of decor and space can lead to a flow in positive and good energy. Every element of the Universe, if in perfect sync with each other creates a sense of balance. This perfect balance and Harmony is also partly known as Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is not limited to religion or beliefs. We learnt this from the Feng Shui expert in this region – Shivani Adalja.

A bit about Shivani;

Shivani has been practicing Feng Shui for the past 16 years and was instrumental in bringing it to the masses in the United Arab Emirates.
Her expertise has benefited big hotel chains, Bollywood celebrities, Royalty and individual clients who are looking to restore balance and harmony in their lives and environment.

Shivani first learnt classical Feng Shui when she lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and continued to horn her skills over the past decade. She brings a wealth of experience with her having worked on high profile and challenging projects.

Shivani has been a pioneer in the field of energy management in The Middle East and blends in multiple modalities while working with Feng Shui. She currently writes a popular column on Feng Shui with the Khaleej Times and has been interviewed by variety of international publications.

So When Shivani addressed the crowd at Pan Emirates Al Barsha Store, it was a roaring success!

Here are the 5 top tips that can help you start on your Feng Shui Journey!

  1. Declutter – Decluttering the first stage before implementing Feng Shui. There needs to be energy movement within a home and therefore we need to create space for the energy to flow. Unwanted items, old clothes and broken electronic items should be given away. Distribute old books and dvds if not needed and donate extra pairs of shoes. This will help in creating open space and boost energy movement. Organize your home with the help of baskets, containers and drawers and see shift in energy. Open spaces help in restoring good energy flow.
  2. Clean the Energy – This is the second step before implementing Feng Shui within a home. Once all the clutter is out of your home, its time to clean and enhance the energy movement. Scented candles or incense can be used to clear out old energy. Aromatherapy oils can also be used to for this purpose.
  3. Light up your home – Light creates energy within a home. Therefore you need appropriate lighting to help boost energy movement. Natural light helps elevate the energy. Keep windows open and don’t draw the curtains during daytime. Let the natural light flow into your home to improve the existing energy within a home. Invite as much natural light as possible, to create yang or active energy. Artificial light also plays an important role in your home. Lighting fixtures need to be simple yet powerful. Using bright lights in the living room and dim lighting in the bedroom will also help in restoring balance within your home.
  4. Use Water Feature – Water helps in creating energy movement. And used as an effective tool in feng Shui to attract prosperity and opportunities. Place a small water fountain or fish aquarium by an open window to enhance the flow of energy within a home. However please remember the exact location of the water fountain can be determined after implementing Feng Shui within a home.
  5. Attracting Good Energy Within your Home – If you have a beautiful view from your living room, display a mirror opposite the window to attract the view into your home. Display paintings of beautiful scenery or hang happy family photographs. Avoid displaying daggers, knives or pictures of violence, as this will lead to arguments and disharmony.

Here are a few products from our store that will help you start your Feng Shui implementation at home.

We have a lot more beautiful products in the store which you can choose from!

We had an amazing full house last month at our Al Barsha store with Telelife Magazine and Shivani Adalja, the Feng Shui expert. Here are some images from the morning.

SL4A3172 (Small)

SL4A3170 (Small)

SL4A3142 (Small)

SL4A3187 (Small)

SL4A3167 (Small)

SL4A3189 (Small)


Watch this space for news on more upcoming Feng Shui Mornings with Shivani Adalja. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for posts on registering for the next Fengshui Morning at our stores.


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Trend Alert…Patchwork Statements!

Gone are the days when plain wood or mica was the only defining theme in furniture. Individualistic and statement pieces are now doing their rounds in the homes of people ranging from celebrities to a common man.

We all need a statement piece in our houses, which can double up as a conversation starter. Adding pops of colors is not limited to just cushions and a single wall, it’s smoothly flowing down to furniture pieces in all shapes and sizes.

Patchwork is suddenly the flaming hot trend in furniture and décor. A single High Backed chair in pops of varied patchwork pieces can instantly lift the mood around a subtly toned beige or white Living Room. If your Living Room already has a statement wall in a bold color, a patchwork chair will add the extra character to this space.


The Ceilo relaxing chair at Pan Emirates has all the elements of a Stylish statement piece. Upholstered in Patchwork, this chair adds the element of comfort to your Living area.

Pair this chair with a foot stool or a floor cushion to complete the whole patch work spotlight.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can add an entire two or three seater sofa or a patchwork chaise lounge to your existing seating space. This pop of color is a sure shot conversation starter.


SMALL 2 (Small)

A conversation starter, the Ceilo Sofa comes in two seater and three seater options. This Sofa will add the posh element to your Living room.

If you like to go more on the sass side of things, consider adding a proper colorful chaise lounge from Pan . It’s beautiful to look at and amazingly comfortable to sink in. Just like the rest of our patchwork range.



Infusing these pops of color in dining rooms can be as interesting as the living areas. Try our side tables or chest of drawers with a different colored drawer in each slot. They add an amazingly individualistic flair to your dining or living space.

Visit our stores for more inspiring ideas and furniture. Get Trendy this season with Pan Emirates Home Furnishings!

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Love Is Where The Home Is…

February brings with it a feeling of Love! We understand the reds around town, we understand the sudden infusion of hearts and reds and pinks and flowers.

The essentials that we understand the best is having a cosy, intimate and inviting home to come to, not only in February, but, the whole year around.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your home valentine ready, all you need is a some creativity and a lot of love with some help from us.

We love prettying up homes! That’s our passion. We’ve put together a list of must have accessories for your picture perfect selfie at home this Valentines day!

Think picture frames, framed art, vintage prints, cushions, candles, artificial flowers (we’re in the middle east where fresh flowers are an expensive affair to maintain), plaques and the little fancy frills to make the setting a lot more intimate this month.

apartment therapy

Image courtesy – Apartment Therapy



Image courtesy – google images

A little touch of red and pink, with a bit of creative flair goes a long way.

What’s more, you might just end up getting a fabulous discount of up to 75% if you rush to our stores before anyone else picks these beauties up!


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Cosy Winters

We love winters in this region! Winters in this part of the world is almost similar to summers in other parts of the world. We go out a lot more, we are found grilling in the parks and outdoors, we go camping, much like summer in other regions but a lot better in temperatures.

The temperatures are a lot more bearable in winters compared to the scorching summer heat. The evenings however get a bit chillier and teeth chatteringly cold. That’s when we cosy up in the comforts of our homes sipping on some hot cocoa and watching Netflix. When the home looks warm and cosy, you would love to sink in a bit deeper in to your plush sofa’s and rest your feet on that fabulous chest which doubles up as a coffee table.

We brought out the coziest of our furniture pieces from various collections and created this amazing set up to inspire you.


We’ve mixed a bit of vintage with French Chic and plush Italian to get the correct degree of coziness. A bit of American and a little local flair completes our perfect and cosy winter living.

Wood, Leather and Faux Fur are the key ingredients to a cosy looking room. add a few decor pieces in the same textures along with neutral and earthy toned cushions to achieve this look.

We love our collection for cosying up this winter and are very sure that you will love it too! Rush to our stores before your favourite piece gets sold out!

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