Diwali in Indian homes is one of the most awaited and over the top festivals of all time!! Everything,  and we literally mean, everything in the house need to be super glam and dazzling.


We have some pro tips to help you get a Dazzling, ‘Diwali Ready Home’ this year!

There are some basic elements to keep in mind while decorating for Diwali.

  1. Lights – Earthen lamps, Candles, Lamps, Fairy Lights, Lanterns, Chandeliers.
  2. Indian Seating – Floor Cushions, Low stools, Swings, Rugs.
  3. Fabric – Bold Colors, Brocade, Embroidery, Silks, Shimmer, Sequins, Tassels.
  4. Rangoli – Flowers, Pulses, Floating Candles, Colored Sand
  5. Add Ons – Curtains, Cushions, Ethnic Furniture, Ethnic Art, Place Mats, Table Runners, Tableware.

These are the top 5 Elements, which if married well with an existing home, for a Dazzlingly Beautiful, Show Worthy – Diwali Home!

Indian Seating

This is something that is so easily achievable for any homemaker! If you have a budget, a carved wooden swing with brass details can be perfect for a large living room. If you’re looking for low seating, choose a understated carpet and pair it with some embroidered floor cushions and low seating stools with ethnic fabric. Remember that the stool and cushion fabric is always the hero in a low seating. Some lanterns or Morrocan Lamps can be placed around this seating to add drama. Curtains are an all essential add on for Diwali and they need to be bling! Time to buy those sheer, sequined curtains you always eyed. Brass bowls or glass bowls of flowers will add the finishing touch to this seating.



Festivals like Diwali come once in a year, so it’s okay to go overboard with decorations! Cushion fabrics, Curtains, Table Runners, Bed Covers, etc, look gorgeous in silks, brocade, sequins, sheers. Fabrics with gold accents and shimmer work very well. Thankfully, one doesn’t have to go through the hassle of fabric shopping & tailoring instructions any more. A wide range of cushions, curtains, table runners etc are available at our stores ready to add glam to your homes this Diwali.


Diwali is traditionally a festival of Lights. When we talk of lights, there are so many options to add the light into your décor. The classic Brass lamps will add the traditional touch to your home this Diwali. These are best placed on either side of wooden dressers or buffet tables. Place an end-to-end table runner on to the buffet table; decorate with marigold flowers on either sides of the runner if you want an authentic look. The two brass lamps on both the sides and either a brass bowl or a clear glass bowl in the center with lots of floating candles will instantly add the festive mood to the space. Tealights can be placed on shelves and outside the door on either sides. Adorning the home with lights other than the candles and lamps can be something where you could keep some elements on even after the festivities are over. Strings of fairy lights on the exterior are inexpensive but create a beautiful feel to the décor. If you live in large house with outdoor space, fairy lights along with flower garlands can be twisted around tree trunks, pillars and gates to accentuate the Diwali look. You can replace the contemporary lamps around the house with some classic chandeliers and some Moroccan lamps artistically arranged on embroidered place mats or flowers. These accents will look beautiful even after Diwali.





Rangoli is an art form where you adorn your home with traditional patterns or figurines created using colored sand, flowers, grains or anything that fancies your creativity. The only catch is that the designs have to look traditional for Diwali. Courtyards, home entrance or a corner of the Living Room are usually the ideal places for Rangoli art. Placing a candle or a lamp in the center of a Rangoli design & sprinkling glitter on to the design is the ultimate form of sparkle. Rangoli is created to welcome the goddess Laxmi into your home with beauty and grace.



The Finishing Touches

Once you have the basics in place, add those extras for the final oomph.

Indian art for Diwali is more inclined towards more ethnic & colorful picture frames. Diwali is all about grandeur so an arty image in a very large classic / ethnic frame will add the wow element to the rest of the décor. Art is no longer an expensive affair. We have some gorgeous ethnic art frames at Pan Emirates Home Furnishings which will be perfect for your walls.

Your dinner table speaks volumes when it comes to finishing touches. Infuse some glamour on the table with shimmer place mats, classic serving trays, beaded coasters, tealight holders, beautiful vases from our classic collection and some gleaming crockery and cutlery from our stores.


Here’s how we Hooked The Look!

Be it Indian Décor for Diwali or Contemporary Décor for a lounge, we have a vast range in all possible collections at your favorite store – Pan Emirates Home Furnishings.

Make the most of your shopping while we’re still on sale!! Happy Shopping!!